Air Conditioner Maintenance in Abilene, Texas, You Can Depend on

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When you need your air conditioning equipment to operate trouble-free no matter the weather, turn to the specialists at Abilene Air-Tech Inc for air conditioner maintenance in Abilene, Tx.

Your air conditioner requires regular maintenance to keep it working smoothly all through the hot weather and to help you avoid unbudgeted service calls.

Our heating and cooling experts will take a close look at your unit during a tune-up. This generally permits us to find problems before it happens. Annual checkups can also help your air conditioner operate more efficiently, helping you save more on energy expenses.

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3 Benefits of Air Conditioner Service

Air conditioning service is critical for system longevity and your comfort. Here are three other benefits:

1. Reliable Operation

Our tune-up is completed with extended performance in mind. With annual service, you can feel confident your AC will keep cooling throughout the humidity.

2. Reduces Emergency Calls

Regular HVAC service frequently allows our pros to see trouble before they start, decreasing the likelihood of a malfunction.

3. Helps You Save Money

A well-preserved air conditioner provides more efficient air conditioning and might even last longer.

What Does Air Conditioning Upkeep Entail?

Man working on an air conditioning unit
Keeping your equipment running smoothly might appear like a lot to handle. We make it simple with our seasonal service.

Our experts will check off a number of tasks during AC service, including:

Checking and Cleaning Inner Parts

We’ll check at essential pieces, like the fan, evaporator coil and refrigerant levels, to make sure your air conditioner is running properly.

Greasing Moving Components

Keeping moving parts lubricated helps save energy and reduces grinding. Parts that aren’t frequently oiled could need to be fixed or replaced more regularly.

Flushing Condensate Drain Line

This tubing helps your system in flushing extra moisture that occurs when air conditioning runs. Buildup can lead to clogs and holes if the tube isn’t regularly cleaned by a specialist.

Examining Complete AC Mechanics

We’ll examine electrical contacts to verify your AC is giving trusty, efficient air. We’ll also make sure your thermostat is set properly and exchange your air filter for ideal indoor air quality.

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When you want to increase comfort, efficiency and dependability, annual maintenance is one of the key things you can do for your AC equipment.

Our purpose at Abilene Air-Tech Inc is keeping your cooling going on the muggiest day. We want to make your residence a space where you can relax. Reach out to us to book your tune-up appointment now.

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